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What Is A Rolfing® Session like?

    At the first Rolfing® session a short informal interview is conducted in order to learn about your history, health and current needs. We then begin with a body reading, wherein I will observe and assess the way you currently walk, stand and breathe. These observations inform how we will then begin the Rolfing® work together.

    Work is done on a comfortable table. The touch itself is focussed, precise and mindful of your needs. As I work I intuitively listen to and respect your response. As a client, you will be actively engaged in the process of each sessions. Unlike most other forms of bodywork, you will occasionally be asked to participate by moving in specific ways that increase the effectiveness of the hands-on work.Our goal, together, is to free any areas of restriction and to enhance a new sense of body awareness that you are able to take with you into your life. Rolfing includes re-education in how to use your realigned body properly, and an exploration of the issues that may arise as your  perception of your body and posture changes. Sessions are closed very gently and with enough time to discuss what may have arisen during the work.

"It is important to remember that the primary goal of Rolfing is to realign the body in gravity. It is believed that emotions can be repressed within the body’s connective tissues, so emotional aspects have direct relevance to Rolfing. An example of trapped emotions is a child being told not to cry and suppressing this natural emotion by willfully contracting certain muscles (e.g. the pelvic floor, shoulders or jaw), an action which, if repeated over time becomes an unconscious holding pattern.

When the chronically tight connective tissue finally releases during Rolfing treatment, emotionally charged material can be resolved.In this sense Rolfing acts as a catalyst for emotional growth and change. Rolfers are trained to contain this process safely. This aspect is partly what makes Rolfing potentially such a profound experience"

                                                                                                                           - RolfingUK

    Rolfing® sessions usually last approximately 60-90 minutes. In most cases sessions are spaced a few weeks apart.

What To Wear 

    Your comfort is paramount. Here are some suggested possibilities for what to wear to sessions. Women – running shorts and a jogging bra, two piece bathing suit or underwear. Men – running shorts, underwear.

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